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QuickBooks Training: Books, Classes, and Courses

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Do-it-Yourself QuickBooks Literature

How to Do Your Own Small Business Bookkeeping -- $44.95 (FREE Shipping!)
by Lily E. Chambers

Lily wrote this book for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are not currently in a position to hire their own bookkeeper. It is the only one on the market that will teach you how to set up and maintain your bookkeeping system; the lifeblood of any small business. The book not only covers day-to-day bookkeeping and year-end accounting operations but also how to handle tax deposits and quarterly reports. How to Do Your Own Small Business Bookkeeping will help you learn everything from basic bookkeeping terminology as well as keep track of the financial health of your business in the long-run.

How to Do Your Own Small Business Bookkeeping by Lily E. Chambers -- $44.95 (Free Shipping)

Intuit, QuickBooks’ parent company, also offers a variety of services to help you get acquainted with their bookkeeping software. Intuit recognizes that users benefit from an array of educational resources since everyone prefers different types of training styles. The following five training solutions will help you learn QuickBooks quickly for a reasonable amount of payment plans.

Find a Local QuickBooks Expert

There are over 15,000 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors in the United States who have successfully completed testing and certification courses administered by Intuit that are available to work closely with you if you run into trouble with QuickBooks or just need general training. Certified ProAdvisors tend to be accountants, CPAs, small business advisors, or consultants who help businesses customize QuickBooks for their specific needs and maximize the value they get out of the software. Rates vary by provider. 

Find local QuickBooks experts by searching the Find-a-ProAdvisor Website.

Instructor-Led Classes

Intuit has teamed up with Real World Training to provide comprehensive classroom-style live seminar courses in all 50 states. Real World Training teaches the most recent version of QuickBooks over the course of two days and provides each student with a detailed workbook showing the screens that the instructor works on in class.

Day 1 topics include:

  • Introduction to QuickBooks
  • Creating a new company file
  • Working with lists
  • Your financial statements (chart of accounts)
  • Setting up what you sell and buy (items)
  • Tracking customers and sales (and the five ways to enter sales)
  • Tracking vendors and expenses (vendors, bills, bill payment stubs, checks, credit memos, job cost and reconciling.)
  • Job costing
  • Purchasing and managing inventory

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  • Tracking sales taxes
  • Saving time (throughout the entire training)

Day 2 topics include:

  • Using credit cards
  • Security and multi-user
  • Setting up and using payroll
  • Paying payroll liabilities and taxes
  • Time tracking
  • Working with reports
  • Advanced reporting techniques
  • Integration with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Closing the books
  • Backing up and restoring data files
  • Customizing QuickBooks
  • Finding and fixing
  • Special transactions
  • Keyboard shortcuts

Courses are taught both in a classroom setting and online. Registration costs $449.95. Click here to register and find a class in your area.

Self-Paced Learning

Intuit provides software for QuickBooks Pro and Premier users, as well as QuickBooks for Mac users that takes you step-by-step through the essentials of mastering QuickBooks basics by using real-life examples. The software is optimized for the latest version of QuickBooks but is also helpful for learning older versions. The Windows version lasts 3 hours while the Mac version takes 2 hours to complete.

Both versions cost $39.95. Click here to purchase.

Students and Educators

Intuit’s Education Program provides Student & Instructor guides and discounted software licenses for those who qualify. You can purchase QuickBooks software licenses for students in batches of 10, 25, and 50 from $259.95 to $599.95. Each license comes with an Instructor’s Resource Guide. Intuit also provides a QuickBooks Learning Guide for $45.95 containing 15 lessons with step-by-step instructions that teach the fundamentals of QuickBooks.

Click here for additional information or call 1-866-570-3843 to contact a sales representative.

Certified User Program

Intuit offers a QuickBooks Certified User Program designed for people who use QuickBooks daily such as bookkeepers, office managers and owners. Through training and testing, the QuickBooks Certified User Program deepens and verifies your knowledge. Certification is offered through a variety of options such as Live Class and an Exam, Self-Paced Class and an Exam, or just an Exam. Pricing starts at $149.95 for the Exam Only option and increases based upon which additional training you select.

Click here for additional information

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