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QuickBooks Invoicing

Compare QuickBooks Software QuickBooks allows you to make professional-looking sales forms quickly and easily. These services can automatically keep track of who owes you money and when a payment is due so that you can get paid on schedule. Client information that you have previously entered is pre-filled, and total charges are calculated instantly, saving you time and improving accuracy.

In addition to creating invoices, QuickBooks can send one-time or recurring invoices to your customers by email to ensure that your billing is delivered on time. Recurring invoices can be scheduled to be delivered daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. If you prefer paper invoices, QuickBooks can print out a paper copy for you to mail as well.

Customization of your invoice is rather effortless. You may change the invoice title, add custom fields, and a customer message, or print a balance forward and account summary.

With all QuickBooks you control these invoicing features:

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  • Whether to include your company logo, return stub, return address, and email address
  • How to position the layout of plain paper, letterhead, and emailed forms.
  • Invoice payment terms (Net 15, 30, 60)
  • The ability to automatically apply credits to invoices
  • Which activity data you want to print, including your own revisions to column headings
  • How activity is grouped and subtotaled
  • The ability to print and/or email invoices

All versions excluding Online Simple Start let you control:

  • Automation of invoice creation; whether you want the invoice to be recurring or not
  • The dates that you want invoices to be automatically sent out
  • Automatic importing of data from estimates to invoices

All Desktop versions include the ability to invoice groups of customers at once. This feature, known as Batch Invoicing, is not included in any of the Online versions.

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