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Compare QuickBooks Software Intuit Marketplace offers thousands of web and desktop applications that work with QuickBooks, allowing them to easily share data and eliminate double data entry. These apps are a great way to save time and reduce costs for your business. They were created by members of the Intuit Developer Network, a group of industry experts who have partnered up with QuickBooks to solve unique business problems for QuickBooks customers.

To find applications that meet your specific needs, you can search by industry, business function, or QuickBooks version. There are also customer reviews, surveys, and demo copies for most of the software applications to help you decide which product is right for you. If you cannot find an application that fits your business needs, Intuit has custom developers available to help you.

Intuit Marketplace is constantly being updated with new apps to make working with QuickBooks as efficient and effective as possible. Here are some notable apps that we found to be especially helpful.

Data Transfer Utility

This app allows QuickBooks users to easily transfer transaction data from one QuickBooks file to another. This is most useful for transferring work done away from the office to your QuickBooks file at the main office. Data can be transferred by network connection, email or removable disk. Prices for this applications range from $99 to $149.

DreamFactory Suite

Use DreamFactory Suite to help increase productivity with its comprehensive feature set. You can use it to manage projects, collaborate on documents, track expenses, and create interactive QuickBooks dashboards and reports.  Prices range from $39.95-$499.95 per month, depending on the number of users.

Small Business Scheduler

There are many benefits in using Intuit’s Small Business Scheduler. It gives your business the ability to manage everyone’s scheduling from one calendar, where you and your employees can access and update the shared online calendar from any computer. You can also create invoices directly in QuickBooks from scheduled appointments and synchronize your QuickBooks customer list.


ACCTivate! is a powerful inventory control and business management tool for QuickBooks users. Features of this application include warehouse management, CRM, purchasing, eCommerce, sales order management, EDI, barcode, route sales, and field service.

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