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Compare QuickBooks Software QuickBooks Connect is an application offered by Intuit that gives customers with QuickBooks Desktop software access to their bookkeeping software on-the-go. Although QuickBooks Connect does not give you full online access to your books like the QuickBooks Online software, it does give you the ability to invoice customers, manage customer's information, and record sales and payments all away from your office while it syncs with your Desktop software in real time.

 QuickBooks Connect:

QuickBooks Connect | Intuit.com

  • Is an online software application for PCs, Laptops, and MacsGet QuickBooks 2012, Now!
  • Works with any internet browser that runs Adobe Flash (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.)
  • Makes QuickBooks available to you anywhere with Internet access
  • Gives you access to vital sections of your QuickBooks Desktop software (Invoices, Receipts, Customer Info, and more)
  • Syncs with QuickBooks Desktop software through Intuit Sync Manager to keep your books up to date.
  • Has a mobile application for the iPhone and Android smartphones

QuickBooks Connect is included with the Desktop Plus versions or as an add-on with the strictly-Desktop versions and costs $9.95 per month per user. This application works on laptops, PCs, and as a mobile application for iPhones, Blackberrys, and Android smartphones. QuickBooks Connect is not available with the QuickBooks Online software because these versions have nearly all of the online access features that Connect offers and much more. The only feature the Online versions do not have is a standalone mobile app, but Intuit has created a QuickBooks Online website optimized for mobile phones that allows users to access certain features of the software, just like the QuickBooks Connect app does.

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QuickBooks Connect Features

QuickBooks Connect is marketed with the ability to sync in real-time with your QuickBooks, create and manage email invoices and sales receipts, record sales and payments, view vendors and bills, and other features. At first glance, the application seems like it would be extremely useful for QuickBooks users whose business involves travelling to meet clients or customers. However, there are a couple of concerns regarding the QuickBooks Connect service.

The first concern is that QuickBooks Connect is not compatible with Mac versions of QuickBooks. Another major issue is the fact that many people are reporting syncing problems. Syncing with your desktop version of QuickBooks is the main feature of the application, and issues with syncing could significantly decrease the usability of the service. However, if you pay for the Desktop Plus versions or add the QuickBooks Connect Bundle to your Desktop software, you will have access to QuickBooks team of customer support agents around-the-clock. So if you have any problems with QuickBooks Connect, they can help you set up the service and make sure that the product is working as advertised.

The Desktop Plus versions include the Desktop software (either Pro or Premier), plus a subscription to the QuickBooks Connect Bundle. This subscription includes access to QuickBooks Connect, online data backup, 24/7 customer service, and the ability to attach PDFs and other scanned files to QuickBooks items.  Unlike the strictly-Desktop versions where you have to pay for the entire software upfront, these versions only make you pay a monthly fee for the software and they come with a 30-day free trial. This is a good option for people who don’t want to pay the upfront cost of the regular Desktop versions and also want to use the additional functionality of QuickBooks Connect.

QuickBooks Connect Reviews

The reviews on Intuit’s site are overwhelmingly negative, but most are at least a few months old. On the Apple App Store, however, reviews are overall positive, with newer reviews having no mention of the sync issues discussed in the previous section. Since Intuit is updating this application (and its mobile incarnation) constantly and are obviously aware of the customer complaints on their own website, it looks like these issues have been resolved.

So if you are interested in having on-the-go customer management, invoicing, and payment capabilities anywhere with an Internet connection, you should definitely give QuickBooks Connect a try.

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