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QuickBooks (Desktop) Basic Payroll


Payroll Options

QuickBooks Basic Payroll is the least expensive payroll option offered by QuickBooks and is a good option if you are looking for a simple payroll solution that will integrate with your QuickBooks bookkeeping software. For up to three employees, this software costs less than $9 per month; you are billed $99 annually. For an unlimited number of employees Basic Payroll costs less than $17 per month; you are billed $199 annually.

QuickBooks (Desktop) Basic Payroll includes: 

  • A step-by-step payroll setup guide
  • Simple paycheck creation
  • Instant payroll tax calculations
  • Live expert support (Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST)

QuickBooks (Desktop) Enhanced Payroll

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is a great way to quickly and easily pay your employees. For up to three employees this version costs less than $19 per month; you are billed $219 up front for your first year. If you have more than three employees Enhanced Payroll costs less than $25 per month; you are billed $299 up front for your first year.

QuickBooks (Desktop) Enhanced Payroll includes:

  • Simple paycheck creation
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Instant payroll tax calculations
  • Completed payroll tax forms
  • Provide benefits and insurance to employees
  • Track payroll expenses and workers’ compensation
  • Print checks yourself or use direct deposit
  • Live expert support (Monday - Friday, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST)

Add Payroll to QuickBooks Online

If you are already using the Online Essentials or Online Plus version of QuickBooks Online, you have the option of adding Payroll to your service. Online Essentials with Payroll costs $51.16 per month, and Online Plus with Payroll costs $63.16 per month.

  • Pay employees in three easy steps
  • Free direct deposit
  • Run unlimited payrolls each month
  • Automatically calculate federal and state payroll taxes

QuickBooks-Assisted Payroll

For those who need help managing their payroll, QuickBooks Assisted Payroll is the way to go. It starts at $69 per month.

  • Get expert payroll assistance
  • Pay employees in QuickBooks
  • Guarantees no tax penalties

Other Payroll Options

Paychex Online

Paychex is one of the best payroll providers on the market, especially for QuickBooks users. With their General Ledger Reporting Service you can import payroll data directly into the bookkeeping software. Their website states that "by integrating your payroll and general ledger reports, it can eliminate as much as a half-hour of data entry per pay period," not to mention the time saved using their Online Payroll service to handle all payroll processing details from direct deposits to tax liabilities.

Paychex Online Payroll Features:

  • Versatile Payroll System – Paychex can provide payroll services if you have one employee or hundreds
  • Extremely Simple – It just takes three steps to file payroll (view the “See How it Works” tab on this Paychex demo to see for yourself)
  • Payroll Automation – You only have to enter new information if there are exceptions to your regular payroll
  • Easy QuickBooks Import – Save time and money by importing your payroll files with the General Ledger Reporting Service

For bi-monthly pay periods, Paychex starts at $28.74 per payroll for the first employee with increasingly smaller fees for each additional employee. The one downside of Paychex is that they charge $15 per payroll for processing direct deposits. Because of this, Paychex fees are on the higher-end of outsourced payroll providers, but, in our opinion, it is well worth it. For each pay period the service will send you a payroll package that includes your payroll checks, essential management reports and other supplies.

Each payroll package includes:

  • Employee earnings statements
  • Payroll journals
  • Month-to-date department summaries
  • A notice of cash needed to cover payroll expenses and tax liabilities
  • Timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits
  • Payroll worksheets to record your next payroll

Fill out this contact form, and Paychex will give you a free payroll quote as well as one month of free payroll processing.

Other Paychex Services: Paychex is not only an Online Payroll service, they are a complete Human Resource provider. Through Paychex, you can accomplish a multitude of tasks from employee benefits and tax services to group health insurance and HR compliance. No matter how large or small your company is, Paychex is an excellent, all-encompassing resource for businesses that do not have their own HR department.

Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit Online Payroll is a very user-friendly payroll software with many great payroll and tax features like unlimited payrolls each month, free direct deposit, or printable checks, automatic tax calculations, electronic tax filing, and free expert payroll support. In addition to the first-class software capabilities, Intuit Online Payroll now comes with complimentary setup support, a 30-day free trial as well as the discounted rate of $9.99 per month during the two months after your free trial.

Intuit's payroll features also include:

  • Automatic paycheck calculation for 21 pay types, including salary, sick pay, and commissions
  • Email reminders when it’s payday
  • Instant paychecks, direct deposit, and W-2s
  • iPhone app for mobile payroll
  • Reports on employee pay and deductions

Intuit's tax features also include:

  • Automatic federal and state tax calculations, guaranteed accurate
  • Email reminders for taxes and unemployment insurance
  • No tax payments until they’re due
  • Automatic W-2 preparation for all employees
  • Electronic W-2 filing
  • Reports on tax liability, wages, pay and more

When you sign up for Intuit Online Payroll, you have the option of purchasing their Basic or Plus payroll service. Both of these services include all of the features listed above, while the Plus service adds the benefit of completing your state tax forms for you. Intuit Online Payroll Basic costs $25 per month for one employee and $1.50 per month for each additional employee. Intuit Online Payroll Plus costs $39 per month for one employee and also $1.50 per month for each additional employee. Intuit Online Payroll integrates with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop software as well as most other bookkeeping software.


SurePayroll is another great payroll service that comes with an extensive list of features. They have a payroll calculator where you can get a personalized quote of how much their service will cost you depending on the number of employees your company has and how often you pay them. Their service comes with a six-month satisfaction guarantee. If you cancel within six months of your first check date, you get a full refund as well as $100 to switch to a new payroll service.

  • Accurately calculate wages and deductions
  • Pay employees through direct deposit
  • Create digital pay stubs
  • Self-print checks
  • Pay and file all federal, state, and local payroll taxes on your behalf with guaranteed timeliness and accuracy
  • Real-time reports available online in just a few clicks
  • Mobile Payroll app for the iPhone

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